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O'Lea Home Collection - A Taste For Design

Design & Living

Have you ever walked into a home that just felt right or visited a home that was so comfortable that you didn't want to leave?
Those hosts have your adornment and attention because they have correctly incorporated and combined the basic elements of design.
Many people will think about the colour and pattern in a room but it is the attention to texture, proportion and scale that makes a room inviting and if used properly the result is anything but plain.

When we opened O'Lea Home Collection we had no idea what the feel and character of the the shop was to become. We knew we wanted a place to showcase our treasures and decided that one of Lawrence's historic buildings would form  the perfect canvas for us to bring together our ideas on design & style.
Shopping at O'Lea Home Collection provides an environment for inspiration as well as materials for visitors and at the same time it also serves as a great introduction to who we are and what we offer.

Antique & Vintage Finds

A Rustic Country Table or Fine English China is amongst the many Antique & Vintage pieces you may find at O'Lea Home Collection. We enjoy finding beautiful things for our customers. Once we do acquire our fabulous finds we haul them back to our shop in Lawrence.
Some pieces are left in their classic style, other pieces need significantly more work. We find it fascinating to refinish, refurbish and breath life into a piece, thereby adding our personal signature. The creation of an individual finish means that these special pieces are unique and never stay on display for long.

Homeware Collections

Building a successful Homeware Collection is very important to us at O'Lea. Not only do we personally choose each piece but we also take care to gather detailed background knowledge about our pieces as well as where and from whom we buy. We do purchase from leading designers such as C.C. Interiors, Bianca Lorenne and French Country, but we also enjoy finding small exclusive collections that we hand selected for their style and originality. Designers that are amongst our favorites are House Doctor , San Cerre , PRE de PROVENCE and Ophelia King to name a few. Please click our homeware gallery for some samples of what is in store today.

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