O'Lea Home Collection News Feed http://www.olea.co.nz O'Lea Home Collection Some Changes Ahead http://www.olea.co.nz/news/25/Some-Changes-Ahead<p>Olea Home Collection<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Lisa and I wish to inform you that Olea Home Collection will be closing our doors at 3 Ross Place in November 2016. I will continue with a smaller version of our original business Olea Design in a new location in Lawrence at 10 Whitehaven St.&nbsp; Along with some exciting changes our customers can expect the same level of service and inspiration we have always shown.<br /> Sadly with much consideration it is no longer possible to run such a large homeware store. We both have new adventures and look forward to extra time with family &amp; friends.<br /> We have enjoyed 10 years in this building. We are extremely proud of all we have accomplished in these glorious years and could not be more thankful to those who have supported us.<br /> We hope you will drop by and visit Olea 3 Ross Place one last time and take advantage of our sale in the coming weeks.<br /> Thank you<br /> It really has been a pleasure<br /> Kind regards<br /> Liz &amp; Lisa<br /> &nbsp;</p>1474632000http://www.olea.co.nz/news/25/Some-Changes-Aheadhttp://www.olea.co.nzSome Changes Ahead http://www.olea.co.nz/news/25/Some-Changes-Ahead Winter Salehttp://www.olea.co.nz/news/24/Winter-SaleIt&#39;s that time of year again. Enjoy 30% off all our stock instore. Excludes Wallpaper and Fabric.1470744000http://www.olea.co.nz/news/24/Winter-Salehttp://www.olea.co.nz519Winter Salehttp://www.olea.co.nz/news/24/Winter-Sale We are giving away a Stunning Designers Guild Cushion!! http://www.olea.co.nz/news/23/We-are-giving-away-a-Stunning-Designers-Guild-CushionWe would love to give away a beautiful Designers Guild Cushion to be in simply Like our face book page and Share the post and your in. Good Luck<br />1427454000http://www.olea.co.nz/news/23/We-are-giving-away-a-Stunning-Designers-Guild-Cushionhttp://www.olea.co.nz516We are giving away a Stunning Designers Guild Cushion!! http://www.olea.co.nz/news/23/We-are-giving-away-a-Stunning-Designers-Guild-Cushion Our Design Coach Servicehttp://www.olea.co.nz/news/22/Our-Design-Coach-ServiceDesign Coach is an in-home, hourly service focused on creating inspirational interior rooms. <br /> We arrive at our customers home, we reinvent, we rearrange, we restyle and we leave. Sometimes our customers are inspired by books and magazines but are not sure how to successfully create a style in their own home. <br /> Our hourly hour rate of $65.00 makes this service a great investment and the end result will surpass what you might accomplish on your own.<br /> I had a lovely time at Jackie &amp; Rays home and here is what they had to say.<br /> <br />1404561600http://www.olea.co.nz/news/22/Our-Design-Coach-Servicehttp://www.olea.co.nz482Our Design Coach Servicehttp://www.olea.co.nz/news/22/Our-Design-Coach-Service Visit O'LEA for all your finishing touches.http://www.olea.co.nz/news/21/Visit-O-LEA-for-all-your-finishing-touchesAll the inspired ideas, glittering baubles and glamorous style <br /> you need to create a magical festive feel this year.<br />1387623600http://www.olea.co.nz/news/21/Visit-O-LEA-for-all-your-finishing-toucheshttp://www.olea.co.nz477Visit O'LEA for all your finishing touches.http://www.olea.co.nz/news/21/Visit-O-LEA-for-all-your-finishing-touches Summer Clearance on selected bedlinen & soft furnishingshttp://www.olea.co.nz/news/20/Summer-Clearance-on-selected-bedlinen-soft-furnishings50% off selected Bedlinen &amp; soft furnishing instore now.<br />1362394800http://www.olea.co.nz/news/20/Summer-Clearance-on-selected-bedlinen-soft-furnishingshttp://www.olea.co.nz447Summer Clearance on selected bedlinen & soft furnishingshttp://www.olea.co.nz/news/20/Summer-Clearance-on-selected-bedlinen-soft-furnishings San Cerre Clothinghttp://www.olea.co.nz/news/19/San-Cerre-ClothingIf you&rsquo;re looking to turn into a more sophisticated, chic and stylish version of yourself,&nbsp;O'LEA is the perfect place to shop. It&rsquo;s filled with beautiful, easy-to-wear pieces that will last you for years to come.<br /> &nbsp;We have&nbsp;just received&nbsp;our much anticipated clothing collection from San Cerre &nbsp;&ndash; an easy to wear range consisting of quality basics and functional pieces all designed to be worn alone or effortlessly layered.&nbsp;&nbsp;We hope SanCerre can find a place in your list of simple, beautiful things, and that wearing&nbsp;San cerre &nbsp;clothing &amp; jewellery brings you as much joy as we discovered when&nbsp;wearing it. <br /> <br /> <br />1344513600http://www.olea.co.nz/news/19/San-Cerre-Clothinghttp://www.olea.co.nz/images/403/medium/fashion-Custom-.jpgSan Cerre Clothinghttp://www.olea.co.nz/news/19/San-Cerre-Clothing Black & White Bird Dinnerware Collectionhttp://www.olea.co.nz/news/18/Black-White-Bird-Dinnerware-CollectionThis collection is sure to be a favorite&nbsp;on the table.<br /> Collect&nbsp;as a set&nbsp;for a&nbsp;fresh classic&nbsp;look or&nbsp;mix this collection&nbsp;up with other&nbsp;patterned china&nbsp;and create your own unique style. <br /> pieces priced from $4.95 - $58.001344081600http://www.olea.co.nz/news/18/Black-White-Bird-Dinnerware-Collectionhttp://www.olea.co.nz/images/399/medium/black-bird.jpgBlack & White Bird Dinnerware Collectionhttp://www.olea.co.nz/news/18/Black-White-Bird-Dinnerware-Collection Time to Rug uphttp://www.olea.co.nz/news/17/Time-to-Rug-upGee it's getting cold! Perfect weather for lighting the fire and time to make the nest all nice and cosy. <br /> We love love the new hand woven woolen kilim rugs from Bianca Lorenne.<br /> Just the layering a room needs this time of year. <br /> priced from $349.99 120x180cm $450.00 140x200cm<br />1340366400http://www.olea.co.nz/news/17/Time-to-Rug-uphttp://www.olea.co.nz/images/386/medium/CCF23062012-00006.jpgTime to Rug uphttp://www.olea.co.nz/news/17/Time-to-Rug-up